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Nationwide Delivery
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Weekly deliveries, fresh crab and lobster to your doorstep every Friday by noon.



Salcombe Fish and Shellfish Ltd is a family run business thats passion is sustainably caught seafood from the rich waters off Salcombe, in our vessel Mayhem II.


We specialise in live lobsters and crabs which are caught with static gear that does not effect the sea bed.



Salcombe Fish and Shellfish is a premier seafood supplier offering freshly caught live fish and shellfish delivered nation wide by couriers.


We specialise in providing high quality produce to pubs and restaurants across the country.


Free Local Delivery

Enjoy the delicious taste of crab and lobster in the comfort of your own home!


We provide free delivery of live seafood to Salcombe and surrounding areas.


Our seafood is always fresh and of the highest quality and will be delivered to your door in perfect condition. Let us bring the sea to you and enjoy the best seafood Salcombe has to offer.

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